In the beginning of year 2010 we opened our own brewery in the village Kukujevci, near the town of Shid in the Serbian province Vojvodina. The Brewery was made by the HBH technology of the highest standards, and it was set up with help of mister János Morvaj, one of Europe’s most eminent brewers, who set up more than 300 microbreweries around the world. Production in our brewery is based on an old German Royal technology of brewing and conditioning of Pils type beer. Production has 4 stages. The first stage is soaking of malted barely to get malted sugar, second is boiling the malted sugar solution with hops. Then, in the third stage is cooling, and we are adding yeast for fermentation. Fourth and final stage is moving to lager tanks for additional fermentation and conditioning. The minimum time needed for the process is 21 days. When the conditioning ends, beer is moved into the special tanks for storage. Beer that is made in this process is considered a German/Bavarian beer with yeast not picked, wich gives it a unique quality and aroma.